How to Enable HD / Ultra HD Graphics in PUBG mobile, 60FPS, Shadows, MSAA For PUBG 0.7 Global & PUBG 0.8 China [without Root]

How to enable HD graphics in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is currently the hottest shooting game running in the Android and iOS market. We’ve published a bunch of articles to help out PUBG mobile users. But since its launch, users seem to be flocking around to enable HD graphics option in PUBG Mobile on their android phone. Whether it’s the PUBG Chinese version 0.8, PUBG mobile 0.7.0 Global, many users are not getting option to enable HD or Ultra Graphics and Higher 60 FPS frame rate even their device is high-end and capable of supporting it. We’ve got many comment and emails, where users were asking about how to enable HD graphics in PUBG Mobile 0.7 . Here in this article i’ll show you how enable HD graphics in PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 global or PUBG mobile 0.8 china using GFX Tools.

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Personally I had to face the similar graphics problem in PUBG Mobile 0.8 Chinese version and also in the PUBG mobile 0.7.0 global English version. Whenever i click on HD graphics option from settings, it shows “the HD graphics will be available for your device soon“. I was frustrated enough by seeing the same message for more than 2 months. There’re tricks to edit the .ini file to enable HD graphics but that requires root. So I’ve came to about a trick that lets you to enable HD or ultra HD graphics option in PUBG mobile on your android phone using GFX tools. Also you’ll be able to adjust and choose higher frame rates 30 Fps / 40 Fps /  60 Fps, enable shadows. The best part it it doesn’t need root access and by this trick enabling HD graphics in PUBG mobile won’t lag your mobile.

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Enable HD Graphics in PUBG Mobile [PUBG Mobile 0.7 Global, PUBG mobile 0.8 China]

  • Go to google play store and download this GFX tools application called “Graphic Tool for Battlegrounds“, in terms of size the app is about just a few MBs. It helps to change Resolution, FPS, Graphics, Styles and Shadows in just a click. Download GFX Tools for PUBG Mobile Global 0.6 or PUBG global 0.7 Chinese version from here.

  • After installing the application, open it up.
  • Select your PUBG Mobile version – 0.7(global) or 0.8(china). This article was posted a couple of months back, that’s why the versions shown here on the screenshots are different.

  • Click on Graphics and choose your preferred options from the following – so smooth, smooth HD, Smooth HD classic, smooth HD bright, smooth HD realistic, smooth, balanced, HD, HD classic, HD bright and HD realistic. I’ll recommend you to select smooth HD realistic if you’ve at least 3GB RAM or select the HD realistic option if you’ve more than 4GB RAM.

  • Now choose resolution depending upon your device. If your device has a display with FHD (1920×1080), then select 1920×1080 from the settings. In case your device supports QHD / WQHD (2560×1440) resolution, select 2560×1440. I’ll prefer you not to select resolution if you’ve selected smooth HD realistic/balanced/bright option. It’ll automatically choose the highest graphics option supported by your device.

  • Click on FPS, and choose 60 FPS for best imaging quality.
  • Go to shadows and enable it. Also enable MSAA.
  • Click on Accept, and launch the game.

  • Boom ! now you’ve successfully enabled HD graphics in PUBG Mobile without root.

Check the Graphics settings, in case if it’s not changed then click on Reset Screen option available in the settings,And go to app settings and make sure to enable storage permission if it gets disabled. and repeat the above steps again one by again. It should work. Following the above steps , your can easily enable HD graphics in PUBG Mobile global 0.7 or in PUBG Mobile 0.8 china.