How to Fix PUBG Mobile Voice Chat issue – Mic Not Working

From the launch of PUBG mobile, players have been facing the voice chat issues on the game. Most of the times Mic doesn’t work and players can’t use voice chat feature. Since the voice chat is one of the most important thing that helps you to communicate among your team mates while in a game, it’s a major problem for gamers. Many users were asking me about how to fix the PUBG mobile voice chat issue or the mic not working issue.

Recently PUBG has announced the PUBG Mobile Beta 0.5, and the voice chat issue or the microphone problem still exists there. Also I’ve played the PUBG Mobile Chinese version and the PUBG Global English Beta, and hopefully i had to face the mic not working issue there too. Currently there’s no permanent fix of this mic issue or voice chat problem. Though still I’ve ,managed to find a temporary method to fix the PUBG mobile voice chat issue.

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Fix PUBG Mobile Voice Chat issue [ Mic Not Working ]

Simply as usual open the game and log in with your Facebook account or log in as guest, it doesn’t matter. And start a match by selecting your squad or join any random ram by going to the start option. While in the game if you notice that the mic is not working, or the voice chat isn’t working. Then hit the settings icon from the game window, now click on customer service option.

This option will open the customer support window on your mobile. But at that moment, hit back and go to the game. Now turn on the Mic and you’ll see that the mic is working again in PUBG mobile. If still you’re facing the voice chat or mic issue on PUBG mobile, i’ll advise you to tun on and off the mic again and again for a few times, it’ll make it work again. As it’s a temporary fix, there’s ma little uncertainty.

Is it helpful to fix the mic not working (voice chat) issue on PUBG Mobile ? let me know in the comments below. I hope tencent games will work on this case and push an update fixing the PUBG Mobile mic issue.