How to Hide Apps in Android Without Root – App Hider Apps for Android

hide apps in android
Hide Apps in Android and Protect Your Privacy.

Whether it’s online or offline, privacy is a major concern now-a-days in our life. We all use a bunch of apps in our android device as well as we also share our phones with friends, colleague or our dear and loved ones. There could be some apps that you would never want to share with others. If you’re reading this article, surely you want to hide app in your android phone and looking for app hider app for android.

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Well, the reason of hiding an app in android phone is obvious. As an example, you may have dating apps like tinder or happen on your phone. And you don’t show it to others. As people could be judgmental or you simply may not want to disclose it to others. Or you may have important banking apps for online transactions that you don’t want to show others while sharing your device. At this point, it’s much important for you to know how to hide apps in android.

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Here in this tutorial, i’ll show you how to hide app in android. And it’ll work on any android phone without root access. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be able to hide app in android phone easily.

How to Hide App in Android – 

  • Download Apex Launcher from google play store. This app or launcher has inbuilt feature to hide multiple apps in android. Additionally, you’ll get a bunch of options to customize your phone with apex launcher. It is one of the best app hider application for android. Simply install it on your phone.

  • Now you’ll need to set it as your default launcher. Go to Settings> Apps> Apex Launcher.

  • Click on Home App. On the next screen, again select Home App option and select Apex Launcher from the in screen popup box.

  • From the home screen, click on Apex settings. Go to Drawer Settings from the app menu.

  • Go to Hidden Apps from the menu. Now select any app that you want to hide, and it’ll hide the app icon from the app drawer. select the app and click on save.

  • In case you’ve any icon of the app in your home screen. Tap on it, drag and remove it. Otherwise it can still be accessible by anyone in spite of using the apex launcher’s app hiding option. That’s all.
  • And if you again want to un-hide the following app. Go to Apex settings> Drawer settings> Hidden Apps> Untick the app and click on save.

If you don’t really like to use Apex launcher and looking for another alternative to hide apps in android, i have another method only for you. It’s same as Apex launcher, and will help you to hide apps in android.

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Hide Apps in Android [Method 2] – 

  • Open up Google Play Store, search and download Nova Launcher in your device. It’s one of most popular launcher app for android, it offers bunch of options for customization. Of course ! you can hide apps in android using this Nova Launcher. It’s also a great app hider app.

  • After installing the App tap on home button. It’ll ask you to set it as your default home app. Click on ok and set it as your default launcher.
  • Optionally you may set it as your default home app by following the above method mentioned in the Apex launcher.
  • Now go to Nova Settings> App & widget drawers. Scroll down and click Hide Apps.

  • Choose any app that you would want to hide. Tick the box beside the respective app, and that’s all.

  • Go back and the app will hide the app in your android phone. It works flawlessly and no doubt it’s in the list of top app hider apps for android.

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Do you have any doubt regarding this article or having any issues to hide app in android ? let me know in the comments below. I’ll assist you to hide apps in your android phone.