How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp

whatspp new tricks - see deleted messages

Just a few months earlier, whatsapp introduced the delete-for-everyone feature for android and iOS users. It allows any user to recall or delete their sent messages on whatsapp from their contact’s chats. This feature is really very helpful, but though it can be frustrating enough some times.  Still there arises curiosity to read or see the deleted messages from whatsapp. Once deleted, there’s no way to see the message. But still, nothing is secure at all, there is always some loop holes. Here today i’ll show you trick, by which you can read those recalled messages even after that was deleted by the sender. I’ll show you three working tricks that will help you to see deleted messages on whatsapp.

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See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp – 

Method 1 – 

  • Go to Google Play Store and download an application called – “Notification History Log“. This app helps to retrieve or get back all accidentally cleared notifications with history log.

  • Open up the app,click on “Enable Permission”. Now go back and hit “Continue”.

  • Now go to “Notification History” option, and the app will show all of the received notifications.

  • Click on any of the whatsapp messages from the notification log.

  • Just find the line –  “android.text” from the log file. And that’s all, you can read the deleted whatsapp messages right over there. In case, if you’re having difficulty while using the app, check the another alternative listed below.

Method – 2

  • Install the app on your smartphone, open it up. Click on “Agree and Continue”. Go to “Enable Permission” and allow the notification access for the following app.

  • Hit on “Continue” button. That’s pretty much all, now go back and relax.

  • Whenever you get a new incoming message on your whatsapp, the app will store that in its log. Just open up the app, and you can read received as well as see all of those deleted messages on whatsapp. Wait, dear visitor, hear is a bonus trick for you.

Method – 3

In case if you’re not willing to install any kind of third party apps, then this one is only for you. Our android phone has a hidden feature to access notification log files.

  • Tap anywhere on your home screen, click on “widgets”.
  • Now swipe down and search for “settings” widget from the drop down list menu.

  • Now drag and place that widget anywhere on your device’s screen. It’ll automatically open settings shortcut menu.
  • Swipe down and open Notification log. That’s all.

  • Whenever you want to see any of you received notifications, just tap on the shortcut app.

Also in case of whatsapp, here you’ll also be able to see all of your received messages. That means even if the sender deletes the messages, you would be able to see the deleted messages on whatsapp.

I hope all of these above methods would be helpful for you to read or see your those deleted whatsapp messages. After reading this post, think again before sending any message to anyone on whatsapp. As there are these ways, If he/she is a tech savy, even after deleting the text from your side, you could get trapped. For any kind of doubts, fell free to comment down below.