Huawei is going to unveil the Huawei P11 at Mobile World Congress 2018.It is successor of the previously launched Huawei P10.But This new Huawei P11 has totally a new design as compared to the Huawei P10.More over it will come up with three cameras and advanced face recognition technology.

It is expected that Huawei will launch this new device in the first quarter of 2018.Huawei already pratnered with lens maker Leica for the triple camera technology developement.Huawei will unveil it on February 26 at the MWC 2018.

This seems that huawei is gearing up to take on Apple with its advanced facial recognition technology.Huawei P11 will have 3D sensors for creating a 3D map o your face using its camera.It uses combination of infrared and a projector to create the 3D mapping.This 3D sensor captures 300,000 data points as compared to 30,000 captured by iPhone X’s true depth sensor technology.

The company claims that it will take just 400ms to unlock the device.As per the recent sources,This device come up with a 24MP front camera and will be capable to capture 40 MP photos and supports 5X optical hybrid zoom.

As per the company the ‘point cloud depth camera’ allows to create animated emojis with mimic facial as we’ve seen in iphoneX’s Animojis.Company claims that their new flagship’s facial recognition will be more accurate than iPhoneX.Let’s keep our eye on MWC 2018 to see what’s coming up next.