IBM Developed World’s Smallest Computer to Monitor Fraud, This is Smaller Than A Grain of Salt

IBM microscopic computer

On Monday at the first day of IBM Think 2018, (the company’s flagship conference) IBM announced the new microcomputer. Engineers at IBM have developed word’s smallest microcomputer. It’s is so tiny that this computer is barely visible or you can say it is smaller than a grain of salt.

This microscopic computer is 1x1nm in size and contains several hundred thousand transistors, storage, power, and communications capabilities. And everything is packed into a footprint about the size of a grain of salt.

IMB - world's smallest computer

According to IBM, the devices cost just 10 cents to manufacture, And each of the devices is as powerful and packs enough power from the x86 chip from the 1990s to power basic artificial intelligence programs and track shipment of goods, fraud, and theft. It builds on its existing crypto-anchor systems based on an optical structure that can be placed on product labels and used as digital fingerprints. Thus it could help prevent the $600bn a year trade in counterfeit drugs, gadgets, and cash. IBM hopes such tiny computers will be used in everyday electronic devices within next 5 years.

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IBM head of research Arvind Krishna said, “Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices,”.

“They’ll be used in tandem with blockchain’s distributed ledger technology to ensure an object’s authenticity from its point of origin to when it reaches the hands of the customer.

“These technologies pave the way for new solutions that tackle food safety, authenticity of manufactured components, genetically modified products, identification of counterfeit objects and provenance of luxury goods.”

The Company thinks it will play a key role in a blockchain network as designed to monitor fraud in global supply chains. IBM’s tiny computer is in its early stages of development, and currently IBM researchers are testing its first prototype.

Also Launch date of this world’s smallest computer isn’t announced yet, it’s unclear when this tiny microcomputer would be available. Though as per IBM, The first phase of these tiny computers could be available for customers globally within next 18 months.