iMessage “Text Bomb” new security vulnerability can Freeze, Crash your Apple iPhone


A new bug, iMessage “Text Bomb” has been discovered which can freeze your Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. This new security vulnerability can freeze or crash apple devices if someone sends user a message containing the malicious code on iMessage.

Software developer Abraham Masri found this bug of “text bomb”, currently being called as “chaiOS”. He posted the code of the bug on GitHub. According to Buzzfeed, the developer found this vulnerability while fuzzing with the operating system, it means while he was trying to break the operating system security by inputting random characters into its inter code.

According to Masri, he inputted hundreds of thousand of character into his webpage’s metadata, much more than iOS operating system expected. That’s why the suspects the imessage app crashes on iOS devices.

Simply sending a message with Abraham Masri code that was posted on GitHub will make recipient’s Apple iPhone hanged or crashed even the user hasn’t clicked on the link. On Mac devices, this vulnerability causes crash of the safari browser and further system slowdowns. Masri aslo said, before releasing the bug he notified Apple, but the company did not respond to it.

Though after the link started circulating of social media sites, the code was taken down from the programming website called GitHub and his account got banned too.

The developer tested chaiOS bug an iPhone 5s and iPhone X. And as per him, it affects iOS version 10.0 through iOS version 11.2.2 Beta 5.

Abraham Masri said, “I’m not going to re-upload it, I made my point. Apple needs to take such bugs more seriously.”

A twitter user @aaronp613, who tested the bug, told BuzzFeed News that right after the link is sent to any recipient, “The device will freeze for a few minutes. Then, most of the time, it resprings.” According to Aaron, after that, the Messages app won’t load any messages and will continue to crash.

In case you get this type of malicious text messages, you’ll need to factory reset your device otherwise it’ll keep crashing. Still now the Apple was dealing with Meltdown and spectre bugs, now this is also added on the list. A security patch update is expected from Apple very soon with the fix of “Text Bomb” bug.