iOS 11 gets Jailbreak Tool with iPhone X support

Now it’s possible to jailbreak iOS 11 including iPhone X and iPhone 8. Jonathan Levian has managed to develop LiberiOS tool which is capable to jailbreak any Apple device running on iOS 11. This tool will work to jailbreak iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus running on iOS 11.

This jailbreak tool came out just after Lan Beer,a security researcher at Google Project Zero claimed to share the iOS exploits needed to jailbreak iOS 11. He said an exploit named async_wake can give user a complete control of the core of the operating system. This jailbreak tool also supports iPad and iPod devices running on iOS 11.

Jail breaking concept is getting popular on iPhones since last few years. This LiberiOS jailbreak tool allows users to bypass the software restrictions of iPhones. With more security loopholes, it’s clear that jail breaking tools will arrive more sooner.

But this liberiOS tool won’t work on iOS 10 or older devices. Still there is a issue, Cydia, a package manager that helps to install software on jailbroken iPhones, iPods and iPads is not supported yet. Jay Saurik, a creator of Cyndia jailbreaking tool confirmed that he’s working for the cyndia support for iOS 11 jailbroken devices.If you need or want best bypass tools for iOS device Lock, then you can read this.

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