Some iOS 12 Features that You Should Know

ios 12

The Apple event is scheduled for the 12th of September. This means that we not only get to see the latest iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch but the iOS 12 as well. In case, you haven’t tried the iOS 12 beta then here is the list of some of the new iOS 12 features and how to use them.

iOS 12 Battery Performance monitoring

Last year Apple introduced the battery health app to check the status of your iPhone battery. This time it’s a little more. Now, you can go to the settings then battery and have a look at the battery usage for the last 24 hours. It presents you with graphs for battery level, activity and tells the battery percentage used by each app.

Trackpad Mode

If you are using an iPhone SE, iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s then you won’t have the 3D touch feature. The iOS 12 features a keyboard which turns into a virtual trackpad. You need to press the spacebar and then swipe your finger over the text that you want to select. Now, leave the spacebar and you will be shown the options to cut, copy, paste, etc.

Screen Time in iOS 12

So, you feel like you are addicted to your smartphone? Apple has introduced a new feature with iOs 12 to help you solve this issue. With Screen Time you can now put time limits for the apps, check the iPhone usage and set the Downtime to restrict the apps from sending any notifications during a certain time period. This prevents you from getting distracted by the phone.

New iOS 12 Notification scheme

In the previous versions of iOS if you had 10 messages in WhatsApp and 5 notifications from Dominos app then they would appear separately and you would need to scroll through them. With the iOS 12, the notifications for the same app are grouped together and you can see them by swiping left on the main notification to get the options such as Deliver Quietly and Turn Off.

Editing photos in the iMessage for iOS 12

You might be familiar with the fact that iMessage can be used to send photos and stickers to other iOS users. Now, with the iOS 12 update, you can even edit your photos. Just tap on the star icon on the left side. You will be presented with the option to take selfie camera with an option to add stickers, animojis and other editing tools.

Multiple Face IDs

Unlike the previous version, iOS 12 lets you add two Faces to unlock the iPhone X. In order to add the second ID, just go to settings, open Face ID & Passwords. Now, tap on Alternate appearance. The process to add the new face is same as that for the regular Face ID.

So, I hope you got to know something new about the iOS 12 features. You would definitely want to try the features when the new version is released later this month.