Top 5 iOS Emulators for Windows PC

iOS Emulator

So, you want to try the iOS experience without spending money on an iOS device. Do you want to test some iOS apps that you are working on without trashing your phone? If you are interested in doing any of these things then you might want to know about the best iOS emulators for your windows running PC.

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So, let us start by taking a look at some of these iOS emulators for windows.

iOS Emulators for PC – 

#1 Mobione Studios

One of the best emulators for the Windows PC is the Mobione Studios. It lets you run all the iOS apps and games on your PC with relative ease. This is a perfect solution for people who are developing an app. Although the app has been discontinued officially, you can still use it.

Download Mobione Studios iOS emulator program for widows from here.

#2 Smartface

Smartface is one of many brilliant iOS emulators for your windows based PC. It is used regularly by the developers who try to create cross-platform apps and by those who want to test their iOS apps. The app is available either as a freeware or licensed software depending on your requirements.


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If you want to experience an iPad on your computer then you ought to try IPADIAN. It will make you feel like you are actually using an iPad instead of a PC or laptop. It comes with lots of features such as Siri, TvOs, iMessages and the Apple Watch OS. It is a perfect way to get an iOS app on your PC but there might be certain issues while using some apps.

Download IPADIAN iOS simulator for here.

#4 Air iPhone

The Air iPhone is an iOS emulator that lets you use a virtual iPhone on your PC. It actually provides you with a screen similar to that of an iPhone. It supports Adobe Air framework that can come in handy. It can be downloaded from the official website.

The Air framework is necessary to run to the app properly on your PC.


#5 iPad and iPhone simulators

The simulator is a part of Chrome extension. It works like a cloud-based OS and a simulator. It provides you with the iOS features such as Siri without paying a single dime. The simulator provides the best graphics on the PC. If you want to try an iPhone or an iPad without spending a money or borrowing one from a friend then these simulators are the best option for you.

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So, these iOS emulators and simulators are an excellent choice if you want to experience an iOS device without owning it physically. They are great but come with some limitations and if you really want the perfect iOS experience then you need to try the actual devices. Otherwise, these are pretty good for testing your apps without spending a fortune on an iPad or an iPhone.

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