Top 5 iPhone X Tricks that You Should Know

iPhone X Tricks

So, you have got the latest iPhone X. You might notice that it is a lot different from all the other iPhones. These differences in design and UI means that the phone also has different hidden tricks to allow you to use the phone a lot more efficiently. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these iPhone X tricks.

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#1 App Switcher on iPhone X

Now, you might have seen that the new iPhone doesn’t come with a home button. How would you access the App Switcher? The solution provided by Apple is to swipe from the bottom of the screen until you reach the center. Once you feel a vibration the Switcher will appear. A better way to do this is to swipe upwards in an arc. It is a faster way to access the App Switcher.

#2 Cool way to turn of alarms

The traditional way to turn off an alarm is to pick up the phone and hit the “off” or “snooze” button. Now, the Face ID on iPhone X makes turning off the alarm a lot easier. All you need to do is look at the screen and the alarm will be turned off instantly.

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#3 Switching the apps

You might have learnt a new way to open the app switcher but it is not practical if you want to switch the apps quickly on your iPhone X. A quick way to navigate between the suspended apps is to swipe from right to left or vice-versa in order to switch the apps quickly.

#4 Force Quitting Apps

What would you do if an app becomes unresponsive on your iPhone X? On the other iPhones, you might use the home button to bring up the App Switcher and kill the app. Now, it is a tedious process to open the App Switcher on an iPhone X due to the absence of the Home Button. Now, you need to open the app switcher and then press on the window that is not responsive. A minus sign will appear in the corner. Tap it to close down the app.

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#5 Use the assistive touch

If you are missing the all too familiar Home Button and want to bring it back then there is a way. Open settings. Go to General, then accessibility and select the AssistiveTouch. This will provide you with a virtual Home Button on your iPhone X screen. This button can be configured to perform different options depending on how you press it. Tap, double tap or 3D touch can be configured for the virtual Home Button. The button might take up a small portion of your screen and can be distracting while playing games or watching videos. So, you should reduce the idle opacity of the button to make it look less invasive.

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These are five popular iPhone X tricks that you might want to try to increase the productivity of your new iPhone and make your life a lot easier.