LendMyPhone tweak for iOS Enables Guest Mode Feature on iPhone

LendMyPhone download

If you ever used a Mac then you might know about the guest mode feature. Sadly, this feature isn’t present on the iOS devices. The absence of guest mode means you won’t feel comfortable while handing over your iPhone to someone else. LendMyPhone lets you hand over your iPhone with a peace of mind.


The iOS developer Luke Muris has created this tweak to end all your worries. When you install the tweak you get an ability to create accounts with different passcodes for different users.

Download LendMyPhone Tweak for iOS 

If you want to try the tweak then you can get it from Cydia’s Packix repository. It will cost you $3.99. The tweak works on every iOS 11 based jailbroken device.

Features of LendMyPhone

Once you download the tweak it can be toggled on/off from the settings menu. If you want to add a guest account all you need to do is tap “add user” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have added the account you can configure the settings to allow/disallow certain features.

The features allow you to make certain apps inaccessible, disable the control center, prevent the user from making changes to the home screen, and other features.

Why is LendMyPhone great?

The best part is that the account comes with a password which you can share with your guests. The app doesn’t disclose that the phone is in the guest mode to the other users.

LendMyPhone is a replica of the guest mode found in the MacOS. This makes it a lot easier to use when compared to the other guest mode tweaks for the iOS.

The biggest benefit is that the other users won’t feel like you don’t trust them with your device and you will have a peace of mind.

So, if you are interested in getting a guest mode on your iPhone then definitely give LendMyPhone a try.

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