Light L16 – Smartphone with 16 cameras

In this world of DSLR and smartphones with dual camera, there is a prodigy into both worlds known as Light L16.
The big chunk of cousin brother of smartphone and DSLR have a decent specs, but cannot be compared to either of them in any way.


It have a Snapdragon 820 chipset with 256 GB internal memory and a packed up battery of 4120 mAh.

Screensize of 5″ with Full HD resolution and a rectangular form factor,the dimensions are 6.5×3.3x.94 inch and this device is a chunk with weight of 435g with a USB Type-C connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack and a mount stand.

The camera is with  setup of 5*28mm(f/2.0), 5*70mm(f/2.0), 6*150mm(f/2.4).

It supports an 5x optical zoom, with 1/8000 to 15 sec shutter speed to take photos with long trails. It supports image formal of LRI, JPEG.

Other features

The processor might look outdated one, but there is no way one would play a processor and GPU hungry game on it, rather one would take great photos with this chunk of 16 cameras and take great photos in low light and take photos in excelent dynamic range.

The company have its own software to edit images using Lumen, using that you can change focus of an image and so on.

The Light L16 costs around 1.3 Lakh, and it is still in its initial stage of pre processing and its not going to launch globally yet. But this seems like the future of smartphones where we can capture photos similar to a DSLR but with more mobility.

The new face of smartphone is already seen, it have replaced lots of gadgets and going to replace the DSLR as well, the future is now.

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