Microsoft isses emergency update for windows to fix processor's bug

Today Microsoft has issued an emergency update for windows 10 to fix Intel, AMD, ARM processor’s security bug. This latest “out-of-band security update” from Microsoft will protect PCs against the security flaws of Meltdown and Spectre that affects chipsets. According to a article published on The Verge, Microsoft’s security update will be automatically applied to windows 10 machines.

This major security vulnerability was first reported on the old Intel X64 / X86 processor. Recently Google’s Project Zero team reported this particular vulnerability impacts almost all modern processors including Intel, ARM and AMD. Nearly all computers running on Windows and Linux operating systems are at risk. Microsoft has already started to work for a security patch update for older versions of windows including windows 8,7. This update for older version of windows will be rolled out by next week.

As per a original report from The Register, this fix for security vulnerability could make the PCs slower. While Intel has denied that it will have any impact on PCs performance. According to the verge Intel processor’s performance is based on Skylake or newer architecture, so it won’t impact its performance but its older processors might get slower. Intel also said that the issue was caused due to a flaw in the design is wrong. Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO said this exploit had not been used to hack into computer systems so far.

While Google said smartphones running on Latest version of android with the latest security patch installed are safe against the vulnerability. However Microsoft’s security update will not be enough, Intel,AMD and ARM chipset manufacturers will have to issue firmware updates in next upcoming days. While the automatic update is limited to windows 10 users only, older version users have too look for windows update manually next week. While anti-virus software makers will be also releasing security patch updates.

A statement was also released by Google about these vulnerabilities which was discovered by Google’s project zero team security analysts. These Meltdown and Spectre are the biggest security flaws that have been discovered so far till date. It’s quite interesting that, this vulnerability was discovered a year back, but after The Register posted about this, AMD, Google and other manufacturers were forced to address this issue early. every software, component manufacturers including Google, Microsoft will be rolling out updates within next week to fix this issue.

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