Microsoft stared testing andromeda apps on windows store

The rumors of Microsoft’s upcoming Andromeda OS was on the peak for a long time. Recently Microsoft started testing andromeda apps in the Microsoft App store. The Andromeda OS is specially designed for new upcoming devices like microsoft’s upcoming folding surface phones.

In the store listing’s available on section, a new platform shows up as “8828080” along with PC,Mobiles and Microsoft’s Hololens. 8828020 is also a part of microsoft’s corporate phone number, But it has long been associated with Andromeda OS. Now the same label which has been associated with Surface Phone and with Project Andromeda has appeared as a separate device category in the Microsoft Store. This new OS will transform windows 10 into a modular operating system where features can be added or remove based on hardware in which software the device is running.

Upcoming surface phone is code named as Andromeda. As per rumors, the surface phones will come with two screen. And andromeda OS will bring a dual software experience of a mobile and desktop in the surface phones. Also as per recent reports, Popular third-party apps including spotify and some games showing support for Andromeda.

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