How to Mine Electroneum – ETN on Your Mobile

Mine Electroneum ETN on Mobile

Electroneum is brand new first British-developed decentralized crptocurrency that can be mined with a smartphone. The cryptocurrency market has become one of the most exciting – and often lucrative – investment avenues in the world. Bitcoin has remained incredibly valuable among all crypto coins.

With its increasing value While everyone is going crazy to mine bitcoins on PC, let’s have a look forward on mining ETN – Electroneum on Mobile. As Electroneum has also increased its palatability to the average consumer with the total number of 6,375,271,930 coins in circulation which’s current price per token is around 0.0484404 USD . By this ETN mobile miner, every users can earn more or less a plenty of free ETN coins per month.

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A normal cyrptocurrency mining needs a powerful pc, graphics card and lot of power. But Electroneum has its major advantage over other cryptocurrencies as it can be mined using a smartphone. It has an an algorithm that allows anyone with a mobile phone to mine effectively. Today i’ll be showing you the process to mine Electroneum (ETN) cruptocurrency on your mobile.

How to Mine Electroneum in Mobile –

  • Dowload the official electroneum app on your phone from here. It’s available on Google Play store. You may search and download.
  • Open the App, Click on sign up and create a new account.
  • Now enter your email id and password, sign into the app.
  • Now don’t click on start mining, first avail the benefit of getting some free coins by inputting this code on your app.
  • Click on More, Now From screen click “Earn Free Coins“.

Electroneum mobile miner

  • Now click on Enter this Code “A7592A” and click on Submit. Scan the following barcode.
  • Then click on Miner, and Hit start mining. That’s it.
  • The Electroneum  mobile app will start to mine ETN on your mobile device.

Mine ETN on mobile - mobile miner

But keep in mind that the profit would depend on a number of factors like Hash rate, if you’re getting around 25H/S. You could make around 1 ETN / Electroneum coin per day. The minimum payout is 5 Coins.