Download MIUI 10 theme for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

MIUI 10 theme for Samsung Galaxy devices

MIUI 10 theme is one of the most customizable themes for Android devices out there. It is often considered to be the first theme that brought the ability to customize almost the entire UI of the phones. If there is any aspect of the UI that you wish to change then there is a high possibility that MIUI 10 theme would let you change it.

So, how to get MIUI 10 theme on to your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone ? Here in this article I’m providing link to download MIUI 10 theme for Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

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Things included in the MIUI 10 theme for Samsung Galaxy Devices – 

The comes with the following features

  • MIUI 10 style user interface.
  • MIUI 10 wallpapers.
  • MIUI 10 style icons.
  • MIUI 10 style Quick Settings, Phone App, Style Messaging, Style Contacts, Settings and lots more.

How to Get MIUI theme on Samsung Galaxy Devices – 

If you want to get the MIUI 10 theme on your Samsung device then you can download it from below.

MIUI 10 Theme Download for Samsung Galaxy Devices – 

Download MIUI 10 Theme (for Samsung devices running Android 5) or Download MIUI Theme (for Samsung devices running Android 6 or above).

Once you have downloaded the theme on your Galaxy smartphone it is time to install it. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. First of all, extract the .zip file and copy the .apk file to your Galaxy Smartphone.
  2. Use any file manager to access the .apk file and install it by tapping on the file.
  3. Once you get a popup mentioning “Installation Complete”, you are ready to apply the theme. In case you don’t receive the popup reinstall the theme once again.
  4. Now, in order to apply the theme, open the Samsung theme app. You will find the theme installed there, simply click on it to apply the theme.

That’s all, now you’ve got mui 10 theme on your Samsung galaxy smartphone. We hope you’ll enjoy MIUI 10 on your Samsung galaxy device for the intense customization options and features.