Download Moonshine Tweak for iOS and Get Apple Watch’s Charging Animation and the Nightstand Mode on iPhone

Moonshine Tweak for iOS

One of the best features of jailbreaking an iPhone is getting the ability to customize your iPhone. You can change each and every aspect of the stock UI after a jailbreak. There are countless tweaks out there which allow you to change different aspects of the device. Moonshine by iOS developer LaughingQuoll is one such tweak.

Moonshine features

You might have heard of a tweak called SqueakTime that brought many Apple Watch faces to the iPhone. Moonshine is quite similar to that, as it brings the charging animation and the Nightstand mode to the iPhones.

The Nightstand mode is quite akin to the one found on the Apple Watch. It displays the date and the time in a similar fashion to the Apple Watch when the phone is being charged. To see the effects you need to wake up the phone when connected to a charger.

Moonshine makes your phone a perfect bedside companion as soon as you install it. The black background along with the green text goes easy on the eyes in any light. So, it won’t be irritating even if you pick up the phone at night to take a glance at the time and the charge status.

Download Moonshine Tweak – 

Moonshine works on any jailbroken iOS 11 device but it looks exceptionally better on the OLED displays of the iPhone X series. Though Moonshine is still under development, it could be downloaded from the Patreon program via the Packix repository. It would cost the user  $2.00 to get the tweak up and running on their devices.

So, if you want a cool Apple Watch themed time and date display on your phone then definitely try this tweak. It works exceptionally well on the OLED displays thanks to their ability to produce the best blacks out there. So, definitely try it if you have a jailbroken iPhone X.

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