New Jio Assistant and its features

After Google assistant, Siri, Cortana, finally we have our own assistant made in India. The Jio Assistant.

The new Jio assistant is out for use, using My Jio app. Once trigerred you’ll see a floating button on your screen which you can move anywhere. A tap on it will trigger the assistant.

Jio assistant Features:-

  • Recharge balance from the assistant.
  • Can know the current data, sms and other balance by the input “How much data/sms/other balance left?”
  • Your basic querries can be solved by the app
  • Any Jio app can be launched by the assistant
  • You can turn off/on WiFi and bluetooth
  • You can message anyone through the app
  • Play music and set alarm directly from the app

Though the app is not yet fully functional, but it looks promising as the querries can be asked in hindi as well. In future there might me support for other languages as well.

Jio assistant was launched in Jio phone for basic actions, but it’s launch in Android phone is really amazing.

Almost all the phones might have recieved this update by 29 December, if not then you’ll soon recieve it as this update is from server side.

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