Now You Can Monitor Your Blood Pressure With Your Smartphone

Now You Can Monitor Your Blood Pressure With Your Smartphone

In our daily life we use several apps on our smartphones for various types of purposes like shopping, payments, video or music streaming, reading books and many more. But ever thought about monitoring your blood pressure using just a mobile app ? sounds weird ! but it’s purely true. Recently Researchers have developed a handy blood pressure measuring app for phones.

India origin Scientists have discovered a new smartphone app and hardware that can be used to measure blood pressure. The researchers used an optical tool that’s not very expensive and a transducer that could detect changes in pressure and convert those changes into an electrical signal. The team was then able to 3D print the sensor, which works with a smartphone.

The technology, details of which were published in the journal Science Transnational Medicine along with a video. The team, from Michigan State University in the US, also discovered a more convenient measurement point. “We targeted a different artery, the transverse palmer arch artery at the fingertip, to give us better control of the measurement,” said the lead author Anand Chandrasekhar at MSU.

“We were excited when we validated this location. Being able to use your fingertip makes our approach much easier and more accessible,” he also added.

If you’ve ever visited a doctor to check up your blood pressure, you probably had your blood pressure checked by sphygmomanometer. But that’s little complicated as doctors have to keep tabs on the force blood pushing against blood vessel walls as too high or too low can put people at risk for a number of health conditions.

The team of researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Maryland build up a new system with the combination of specific hardware and software, which will help you measure your blood pressure at your home with ease. The approach uses two sensors – an optical sensor on top of a force sensor. The sensor unit and other circuitry are housed in a one centimetre-thin case attached to the back of the phone.

Users need to open up the app, and press their fingertip against the sensor unit. With their finger on the unit, they hold their phone at heart level and watch their smartphone screen to ensure they are applying the correct amount of finger pressure. “A key point was to see if users could properly apply the finger pressure over time, which lasts as long as an arm-cuff measurement,” said Ramakrishna Mukkamala, professor at MSU.

Ramakrishna also said,”We were pleased to see that 90 per cent of the people trying it were able to do it easily after just one or two practice tries,”.

It’s a revolutionary invention in the history of mankind. It would help handicapped as well as those people who can’t not visit a doctor for physical disabilities or for not having time. This invention gives patients a convenient option, and keeping a log of daily measurements would produce an accurate average, discounting an occasional measurement anomaly, Mukkamala said. Further more the research team will work to improve the accuracy of this app.

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