Now WhatsApp Allows You to Download Deleted Media Files Once Again


After UPI Payments feature, Now WhatsApp has just pushed a new update for Android users that lets you download deleted media files once again. Till now users had only one chance to download sent media files such as voice, video, images, documents once. After deleting the file from WhatsApp folder with the path sdcard/WhatsApp/ , the receiver had have no option left to recover that unless sender sends it back.

As per WABetainfo, WhatsApp android has added the new feature in versions between the 2.18.106 and 2.18.110 .And it’s available for all android users using the mentioned version of WhatsApp. Earlier this undownloaded media feature was available partially for 30 days but WhatsApp immediately took it down from their servers. But now again WhatsApp has enabled the feature. This makes clear that WhatsApp continues to store user’s media files on their servers to make that available for download later.

According to a test conducted by WABetainfo, in WhatsApp version 2.18.113 they were able to download deleted media files such as images and videos, that were received 2 months ago. While this feature won’t work to download media files deleted a long ago. In such cases, you’ve to ask the sender to re-send the file. The team states that they were unable to recover files sent on 2017 August.

Keep this in mind, here you’ve to keep the message thread where the file was sent first, else you won’t get any option to re-download those. In this case, you might be thinking where is the safety of our data as WhatsApp continues to store that on servers. So there is nothing to worry about, all of your messages, as well as your sent/received media files, will continue to be end-to-end encrypted.

How to Download Deleted Media Files From Whatsapp – 

  • To show you how this feature works, here I’m going to delete a media file (photos/videos/documents/GIF) from my WhatsApp folder. Then I’ll show you how to recover the file back.
  • Open your WhatsApp chat and look for any deleted media files that you need to recover. For just showing you, I’m deleting a media from my WhatsApp folder. (Don’t delete the file directly from message thread, otherwise, that will be lost forever)
Deleting Media File from Gallery
  • As you can see, Here I’ve deleted (moved to trash) the following image from my WhatsApp folder. Now just open WhatsApp chats where the image or file was sent. Now you’ll see a download button to download the deleted media on WhatsApp.
Open Whatsapp, Re-Download Button Appears
  • Tap on download and that’s all. The deleted files are back on your gallery.

As of now, only Android device users can enjoy this. Downloading deleted media feature isn’t available for iOS users because the directory where WhatsApp saves media isn’t easily accessible. Still, it might come for iOS users in upcoming days.