nvidia self driving cars

Industry leading graphics chipset manufacturer Nvidia partners Uber and Volkswagen to bring their footsteps into autonomous vehicle industry. The company has already parented with Tesla and Baidu to bring self driving cars on the roads. Recently intel and Qualcomm has also announced about their upcoming self driving vehicles, Nividia’s tie ups with multiple brands is to gain their stronghold leadership in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Danny Shapiro, Nvidia’s automotive business head said,“The map is almost everyone working with everyone,We’re happy with our position with the 320 partners we have.”

In CES – consumer electronics show 2018 event at Las Vegas,Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said uber’s upcoming self driving vehicles will use Nvidia’s software and processors. Nvidia also said they’ve already started the development of self driving vehicles with one million autonomous miles already being driven in the last 100 days. As per Nvidia they’re working with Volkswagen to bring an intelligent co-pilot system using Nvidia’s new Drive IX platform, which provides assistance features using sensors inside and outside of the vehicle. Nvidia’s first Xavier processor’s system can deliver 30 trillion operations per second using 30 watts of power, the chipset manufacturer also added it could be delivered to customers from this quarter.

Uber has been working on autonomus vehicles since 2015 and completed 50,000 passenger trips with driven over 2 million miles. Currently Uber began using Nvidia chips in the autonomous test drives of Volvo SUVs. Furthermore which indicates a future of Artificial Intelligence powered completely self driving cars.

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