Oneplus 3 and 3T might get Face unlock feature soon. Oneplus introduced the face unlock feature in the oneplus 5T. After the launch of Openplus’s latest flagship device, This face unlock feature became very popular among the oneplus users.

Face unlock feature was first introduced in Apple iPhone X, it uses some special hardware and infrared camera to map users’s face for advanced and secured unlocking. Unlike Apple, Oneplus uses just the front camera tweaked with their smart algorithms for face unlock. So this feature can be implemented for other oneplus devices like formerly launched oneplus 3 and 3T.

Due to immense popularity of this feature, oneplus enabled the face unlock in the former oneplus 5. After its arrival on oneplus 5, Oneplus Co-Founder has now suggested that the face unlock feature could arrive in oneplus 3 and oneplus 3T devices.

In oneplus forum carl pei said,”Face Unlock will first make its way to the OnePlus 5 through an upcoming Open Beta build. Consider it an early test run. We’ll work out any remaining kinks and take time to work through your feedback. Then we will release Face Unlock to OnePlus 5 users worldwide in an Official Release build”,

“You all inspired us to bring Face Unlock to the OnePlus 5. When you share your thoughts and feedback, you impact how we build and maintain our devices. In the spirit of building together”,He also asked the oneplus 3 and oneplus 3T users if they want face unlok too. pei said to the oneplus 3 and 3T user,”Do you want Face Unlock too?”.

So there is a strong possibility that oneplus 3 and oneplus 3T users might get face unlock on their devices soon. Fore more updates follow us on facebook,twitter and subscribe to our e-mail newsletter.