Overcl0ck – Jailbreak Apple WatchOS 3 / Watch OS 3.2.3

The Apple WatchOS jailbreak has always been a subject of intellectual discussion between programmers and is still in debate.

The watch has seen 3 different series in its life and its not hard to notice a sprinkling amount of missing features. This is where the question regarding the Jailbreak of Apple iWatch jumps in.

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At the Defcon Event 25 held last year, Hacker Max Bazaliy demonstrated a jailbreak for Apple Watch running WatchOS 3. Nonetheless, It is difficult to expect installation of Cydia in the WatchOS, Unlike iOS. This jailbreak was private and gave no public hints.

A more recent technique in development to jailbreak iWatch is by using Overcl0ck. Ben Sparkes posted it over Github.Programmers have come with a prototype which uses v0rtex kernel exploit. This method supports devices with WatchOS 3 , watch OS 3.0 , watch OS 3.1 , watch OS 3.1.1 , watch OS 3.2 , watch OS 3.2.2 and Watch os 3.2.3.

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Benefits to Jailbreak Apple WatchOS 3 / Watch OS 3.2.3 ?

The Jailbreak for the Apple Watch will enable many tweaks which enhances the iWatchs’ performance to peak levels.

1. Keep Native apps.

This will let you to install native apps on your Apple Watch OS without having the code run through an iPhone.

Third-party Apple Watch OS apps are primarily extensions of their iPhone correspondent. This will provide better speed.

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2. Custom Watch faces.

The Watch faces which come with the iWatch are admirable but limited. Jailbreak will allow a customization in order to add a custom watch face apart from the stock ones.

3. Custom Themes

The eventual result of the same look and feel as the iOS will get a user may be boring. You can install custom themes once your WatchOS is jail-broken. Cydia designers are working on changing the looks and interface , which is an exciting.

4. Battery saving Tweaks

Our lives are always a battle against battery. Users complain that the iWatch has a large appetite when it comes to timing out the screen. Jailbreak would allow you to customize this and save battery.

Also, A Jailbreak would allow you to disable certain power-draining features instantly which is again , beneficial.

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