PrivaSee Tweak for Enhanced iPhone Privacy

PrivaSee Tweak

If privacy is extremely important for you then here is an excellent iPhone tweak. PrivaSee, developed by iOS developer smokin1337 is extremely useful. The tweak has a blur effect. A user can enable it to blur the notifications. A user needs to provide biometric authentication in order to see the details.

PrivaSee iOS Tweak

PrivaSee brings a lot of features to improves your day to day security. It can prevent any unauthorized person from accessing certain apps and even prevent them from seeing any oncoming notifications. A user can see the blurred notifications by the means of the TouchID or the FaceID.

It is a great feature if you don’t want any person from looking at your notifications in case you have given them your phone.

Download PrivaSee iPhone Tweak – 

This amazing tweak can be downloaded from Cydia Packix repository. It costs $1.49 and is compatible with all the iPhones running iOS version 10 or 11.

The user can access PrivaSee from the settings menu. From here you can configure the following options.

  • Turn the tweak on/off.
  • The user can secure the necessary apps.
  • Enable a glow effect around the apps and choose the glow colors.
  • You can also select the glow radius and blur amount.
  • Blur the notifications if your phone is locked and prevent the notifications from waking up the phone.

After you have changed the configuration as per your liking, just respring the device and the settings will be applied.

PrivaSee comes with a complementary toggle option in the control center. A user running the iOS 11 will need to use CCSupport in order to use the feature. In case, the users are running iOS 10, they will require the classic Flipswitch/Activator combo instead.

A user looking for additional security can rely on PrivaSee. It will be useful if a  person finds out the passcode and wants to access your phone.

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