PS4 5.05 Jailbreak – How to Jailbreak PS4 5.05 Kernel Exploit Tutorial

Jailbreak PS4 5.05

PS4 5.05 Jailbreak kernel exploit –

The PS4 5.05 jailbreak has finally been released to the public. This kernel exploit is a full jailbreak just like PS4 4.55 jailbreak except its for a newer firmware 5.05. Unfortunately , You cant use this exploit if you’re past 5.05 version firmware user. This PS4 5.05 jailbreak will allow you to play exciting games like God of war.

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PS4 5.05 jailbreak needs you to first update your firmware to 5.05 if you already haven’t.

How to jailbreak PS4 5.05 –

Make sure You are on 5.05 version of PS4 Firmware. If you’re already on a previous jailbreak like 4.05 or 4.55 then you need to go into the Web Browser > Webkit Exploit and make sure to initiate the Enable-Updates. That will allow you to install the update.

For people who aren’t on a jailbreak.

Head to Settings > Network And uncheck the Connect to Internet box.

Also , Go to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads and Disable System Software update Files.

This is to prevent you from accidentally downloading the latest update from PSN.

Next , Check the System software version in Settings>System>System Information.

If the System software is below 5.05, Download PS4 5.05 firmware on your computer from – here.

Rename the downloaded file to – PS4UPDATE.PUP. Paste this file into an empty FAT32 USB stick in the following folder manner – PS4 > UPDATE > PS4UPDATE.PUP.

After you’ve pasted the downloaded file into the USB , Connect it to your PS4 and go to Settings>System Software Update. Make sure the update says version 5.05 and update.

After the update is installed , Make sure you are 5.05 version and Go to Settings > Network>Set Up an Internet Connection.

Select WiFi or LAN cable > Automatic IP > Do not specify Host name > Manual DNS >

Put as Primary DNS and as Secondary DNS and then do Automatic MTU > Do not specify proxy .

Go to Browser and put into the URL bar. Select 5.05 > Mira.

A message “You’re All Set!” will appear. Furthermore, Check running a game which will verify your PS4 5.05 jailbreak successfully.

Have any questions regarding PS4 5.05 jailbreak kernel exploit ? Let us know in the comments below.

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