PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update Release Date & Upcoming Features – Zombie Mode, Vikendi Night Mode, MK-47 Mutant AR, Tukshai Vehicle and Much More

pubg mobile zombie mode
PUBG Mobile might get a deadly Zombie Mode with the upcoming update in this January.

As per recent sources, Tencent games has partnered with Resident Evil franchise to bring a new Zombie mode in PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 for Android & iOS. The game is topping the charts with its over 200 million downloads and has around 30 million daily active registered users. PUBG Mobile is now all set to get a new update in this January that will add several new features including the most intensive & deadly zombie mode accompanied with several new weapons and vehicles.

Zombie Mode –

At PUBG Mobile Star Challenge in 2018, PUBG Mobile-Resident Evil 2 crossover Zombie mode teaser was unveiled. And then after the launch of latest update, we’ve been getting those zombie dead bodies while exploring the shorelines in the Erangel map. This is a major hint about the upcoming zombie mode.

zombie mode pubg mobile

On PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode, players will be air-dropped on the map in groups ( might be solo, duo, squad) against Zombies. It means in Squad mode 96 Zombies can go up against 4 players. While Players can loot weapons and gear, Zombies will not be able to pick any kind of weapons or throwables but they can swing their fists to do damage to players. Zombies will just run after your squad in groups until they take all of you down. But as of now, not much has been known about the PUBG Mobile zombie modes. But if all these aligned rumours become true, we would be able to get a new Zombie sensation.

Vikendi Night Mode –

bight mode vikendi

Upcoming update will add dynamic night moonlight weather mode to Vikendi Map, along with Day and Snowy weather. The night mode will fall on the Vikendi map based on a small probability factor.

Foot-Prints –

Now players will be able to see enemy foot-prints on the snow that will make it much easier to track the movement of the opponent squad. Alternatively, it would make the survival more deadly as the opponent teams will also be able to trace footprints of yours.

New classic Voice –

Most of the players didn’t like the new quick chat voice on PUBG Mobile as it sounds a bit odd. The new PUBG Mobile update will bring new voices that will allow you to quick chat with your Squad in new classic voices by selecting the voice from quick chat settings.

Weapons –

PUBG Mobile 0.10.5

Apart from these, we will see new weapons including PP-19 Bizon – 9mm sub-machine gun, G36C – 5.56 submachine gun. And the MK47 Mutant – 7.62 mm assault rifle.

Vehicle –

With the upcoming update, a new sanhok exclusive vehicle named “Tukshai” that is much identical to Indian Auto-rickshaw will become available.

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Emotes & Death Cam –

Also, the upcoming update will include new dancing emotes and a Death cam feature. Basically, Death cam allows users to get a short video replay of their death.

When PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update is Going to Release?

To be honest, as of now there’s no official news about when Update is Going to Release. But as per rumors, the beta test would begin in the upcoming 1-2 weeks and the public release of PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 by the end of this January or the First weeks of February.