PUBG Mobile Ban In India ? Real Truth Behind the Government Notice

PUBG Mobile ban in India
A viral government notice issued by Maharashtra High-court states PUBG Mobile will be banned in India for several circumstances. Here's the truth explained behind PUBG Mobile ban in India !!

PUBG Mobile has already become one of the hottest gaming sensations in the market for mobile gamers across the world. Its popularity is already bashing the barriers of the global online gaming community hard. Reportedly PUBG Mobile has crossed way over 200 million downloads excluding China. With its significant popularity, the game recently bags Google Play’s best game award for this year and has around 30 million daily registered active users. With the arrival of “PUBG Mobile season 4″, the new vikendi snow map has been released, in this winter season players seemed to enjoy and warm up themselves by playing the game until a Government Notice by Maharashtra high-court issuing the ban of PUBG Mobile has spotted circulating online. The viral circular legal notice has dramatically changed the mood of PUBG Lovers in India with an uncertain fear. But what’s the truth behind this Government Notice regarding PUBG Mobile ban in India, let’s check it out.

Just a few days back, a premier private engineering institute in Vellore, Tamil Nadu “Vellore Institute Of Technology”banned playing PUBG Mobile On Its Campus and hostel for several reasons including mental disturbance and spoiling the entire atmosphere of the hostel. From then, we’ve encountered rumours coming up about PUBG ban in India. The recent case of the viral Government notice issued by Maharashtra High court stating ban of PUBG Mobile is aligned with that.

The legal notice addressing Reg.Alliance on Ban of Game PUBG in India dated on 22.12.2018 at 11:45 am reads ” As per consideration of many incidents and proofs that have been submitted by respected lawyers and majestratives, it came to conclude that PUBG Mobile game is creating alot of nuisance and irrespective activities and many students spoiling their own lives….All we have knew that few countries took action on ban of this game. Itis to inform you that PUBG will not perform any operations and legally notices have been sent to tencent games corporation..”

Apart from that, there’s a red “Legal Action” watermark at the middle and the following is signed by “K.Srinivasulu”, Judge, Maharashtra High-court. This thing is enough to make any ordinary people in believing PUBG Mobile will be banned in India very soon. Also, people started sharing this via their social media accounts without knowing any truth and this is how the fear of the popular game ban is triggering and breaking out among the public so rapidly.

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But if you look at the legal notice once again carefully, then you’ll notice multiple mistakes that uncovers the truth. Let’s dig into them one by one.

Grammer Mistakes – First thing is grammar, there’re multiple grammatical mistakes on the above Government lookalike notice. Like “All we have knew that few countries took action” it should have been “All we have known…..” And ” legally notices have been sent to..” Here it should be “Legal notices have been sent…” There’re many more wrong punctuations and errors in this. Even a 5th or 6th standard kid could write a better one with proper punctuations or grammar.

Unprofessional Format – Also, the unusual format, the date, subject matter, time and the dramatic “Legal Action” watermark at the middle would leave you speechless. An actual legit government notice will never look like this much unprofessional.

Fake singing Judge – Now here comes the turning point, the signing judge “K. Srinivasulu” who passed this order. You could know the name of judges in any particular high-court by a simple google search. I did the same, but surprisingly I came to know that there’s no judge by name K.Srinivasulu in Maharashtra High court. It clearly means the whole thing isn’t a legit government order but a did of someones poor photoshop skills.

You may watch the video below to know about the PUBG Mobile ban in India Controversy in Detail – 

Also when we reached to Tencent games corporation about this circular notice, we got positive response as expected stating that it’s just a Hoax. It’s enough to proof that the whole government notice for PUBG Mobile ban in India is nothing but a totally fake untrue rumour or hoax that’s still breaking out through social medias. So there’s is nothing to worry about, afterall PUBG Mobile is not going to be banned in India as of now. What else more? go and start playing for a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and don’t forget to share this article to unwrap the fake news.