PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 Update Details, Release Date – Sanhok Map, No Bots, FPP in Vehicle

pubg mobile global 0.8.0

Recently PUBG Mobile timi version 0.8.0 has brought the all new Sanhok map and a couple of interesting new features into the game. And users have been waiting eagerly for the release of PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 update. This new upcoming update is going to change the game-play forever where it’s going to be very difficult to get a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Here today I’ve just got updates about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 version that is going to be launched very soon, lets check it out.

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According to Fiey, a game Moderator, we’ll get to see the most awaiting rain-forest map or sanhok map in PUBG Mobile global version 0.8.0 update. Apart from that, this time developers have decided to remove all bots completely from the game, there is no easy way to win after this. From decades, gamer have been complaining about other players using hacks or cheats. A hacker totally ruins the game using several cheats like aim-bots, wall-hack, god-mode, magic bullets etc with the help of apps such as GameGuardian. Tencent developers are going to keep hackers away from by prohibiting “TOOL” and “GameGuardian” to access the game. It could mean that rooted android or jailbroken iOS device users might not be able to play PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 version.

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Along with that, PUBG Global 0.8.0 global version will have FPP – First Person Perspective mode inside vehicle feature. And users will find many new places on the map that are never seen before as a bit of housing and difference is going to be implemented. Graphics will be customized for many mobile phones for a smoother game-play and user experience.

PUBG Mobile Global 0.8.0 Change-log – 

  • Sanhok MAP.
  • No more “BOTs”.
  • Prohibit “TOOL” and “GameGuardian” to access.
  • Adding a bit of housing and difference.
  • FPP” In Vehicle.
  • Customized Graphics on phones that do not support.

Currently i don’t have any more details like new weapons, items, or vehicles regarding PUBG Mobile global 0.8.0 update. But in case if you’re waiting to download PUBG Global version 0.8.0 beta, then as per me the beta version of the game is likely to be available between the end of this month and the mid of September. And the final version will be made available shortly right after a couple of weeks of beta testing.