Reboot any iPhone with Safari Ripper WebKit Exploit

Safari Ripper WebKit

Sabri Haddouche, the ethical hacker behind this hack managed to do so with the help of just a few lines of code in CSS. CSS is one of the most popular web development languages. The Safari Ripper WebKit hack exploits the background-filter effect and creates a blurred effect on all the div elements.

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Working of the Safari Ripper Webkit

The blurred div elements are quite heavy to handle. This overloads the WebKit renderer and thus the device gets restarted.

This vulnerability is also present on the MacOS but only affects a single tab. Though, the system would continue to function regularly.

The Safari Ripper Webkit hack is not permanent and the device will continue to work properly once it restarts. It is more like a hack focused on irritating the user and not trying to steal any data.

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OS vulnerable to Safari Ripper Webkit

Safari Ripper Webkit hack is working on the iOS 11 and even affects the Gold Master build of iOS 12. The older versions of iOS such as 9 and 10 are also vulnerable to Safari Ripper Webkit.

The creator of the hack, Sabri Haddouche claims that he could crash the MacOS by making certain modifications to the code. He has deliberately left out the functionality to crash the Macs.

Some of the users are claiming that the hack also works on Windows while using Internet Explorer. (Who uses it anyway?)

Haddouche has already informed Apple about the hack. It is expected that Apple will patch the exploit soon.

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Crashing the iOS devices

If you actually want to try this hack then open WhatsApp or any other messaging app. Send this link to your victim along with an elaborate lie in which you ask the victim to open the link. Voila! Get ready to receive some swear words in return. One the victim opens it up, it’ll reboot the iPhone, though after rebooting the device will perform as before.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try to trouble other users by actually sending them the link.

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