Reliance jio to Launch Windows 10 Powered Laptops with 4G Cellular Network Support

jio laptop

Apart from introducing 4G VoLTE services, Reliance Jio also launched a couple of gadgets for its customers like Jio-Fi and JioPhone. JioPhone is one the most sold 4G VoLTE feature phone, that turned out to be much profitable for the company. Reports also suggest that the company is working to introduce a special version of JioPhone, might be an android version. A newly surfaced report on the economic times suggests that Reliance jio is currently planning to launch a 4G laptop with cellular connectivity support. It’s the next major step to be taken by the Mukesh Ambani backed company towards expanding the company’s yearly revenue as well as reach to laptop industry.

Jio partnerships US grown chipset manufacturer Qualcomm to develop the always-connected Laptops. This jio laptop will run on Windows 10 and also support cellular 4G network to fulfil the needs of the Indian market.

Minguel Nunes, senior director of product management at Qualcomm Technologies confirmed the development of the jio laptop to Economic Times. Minguel said, that they’ve already talked with jio. And Jio could take the product and bundle that with data and content.

Qualcomm is already in talks with homegrown brand smartron to develop Snapdragon 835 powered laptops that will support cellular connectivity.

“Since we already have taken the line of computing products, we are always exploring innovative form factors and devices where we can bring tronX experiences, services, solutions, and support to users” – Mahesh Lingareddy, CEO of smartron said in a statement.

The report says that the chipset manufacturer Qualcomm is working closely with companies like Asus, HP, Lenovo for the Always-Connected PCs with the support of major carriers like US’ Verizon, AT&T, Sprint for this new technology.

Reliance jio has already introduced several data plans that buits budget for various types of usage. According to Neil Shah, at counterpoint research, this cellular network supported jio laptop could turn out well profited for the company.

As per Neil, around 5 million laptops are sold every year that plays a major role in wifi data usage. And if a network operator can connect at least 1 million of them with the 4G cellular network, they could make a huge margin of profit by just charging the user with the basic rate of Rs300-1000 for monthly data. And it will also increase the average revenue per user.

While jio has not made any official comment about pricing or when it’s going to launch the jio laptop lineup. Not much is known yet, to get updates keep your eyes on Gadgetcubes.