How to Replace Google Assistant with Amazon Alexa on Android

Since a long time, by default we have Google Assistant on our android phones. In terms of usability, Google assistant is one of the best AI powered voice assistant. But still, you might be feeling a feeling a bit bored for using that for a long time. There are many other useful Google assistant alternative for android, like Amazon Alexa. You can simply use alexa as your voice assistant in android, and it would give quite similar outputs to your queries.

Alexa is also very popular voice assistant. We mostly use alexa to communicate and use integrated alexa enabled devices like smart home, thermostats, set-up devices. There are several advantages of using alexa on android as your default voice assistant. Here in this article we’ll show you how to replace google assistant with alexa.

Use Alexa Voice Assistant on Android – Replace Google Assistant

  • Simply open up google play store in Android, and download Amazon Alexa App. Make sure you’re using Android 5.1 lollipop or above versions, it’s the basic requirement for the app.

  • After installing Alexa on android, open the app. Click on Get Started. You’ll need to sign in with your amazon account. After signing in, it’ll ask you to connect your alexa enabled devices. Skip the step.
  • Now go to settings and search for Assist & Voice input, and scroll click on Assist & Voice input from the list.

  • At the top, you would see Assist app option.By default, google assistant is your assist app. to change it, click on it and select alexa. Hit Ok. That’s all.

  • Now simply long press your home key and alexa assistant will popup. And you ask ask your queries or get your job done.

In case if you don’t like to use Alexa as your voice assistant on android, then simply uninstall the amazon alexa app. After uninstalling, Press home button for a few seconds and it would restore the default google assistant. You have to follow a on screen setup instructions to activate google assistant again.