How to Restrict People from Deleting Sent Whatsapp Messages, Get Anti-Revoke Feature

stop people from deleting sent whatsapp messages
If you're curious enough to known what was in that deleted message, follow this guide to stop people from deleting sent messages on whatsapp.

Earlier whatsapp introduced message recalling feature that allows any user to delete sent messages within an hour of sending. If anyone deletes a sent message using “delete to all” option, even you’ve received the text, that will get disappeared from your whatsapp for-ever. This feature is really helpful, it saved many people from getting into worst situations. But there’re people who’re just misusing the message recalling feature, earlier we’ve shared an article about how you can see deleted whatsapp messages. But that ain’t handy enough, today i’ll show you a method by which you can stop people from deleting sent whatsapp messages.

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[Guide] Stop People from Deleting Sent Messages on Whatsapp – 

  • Before getting started, you’ll need to download GB Whatsapp latest version APK from here. We’re going to use a modified version of whatsapp known as GBWhatsapp that has anti-revoke feature which prevents users from recalling sent texts, media files or any kind of messages. Even if anyone deletes the message from his phone using “delete to all” option, the sent message will still remain on your device, it won’t get disappeared.
  • First take a backup of your whatsapp data by going to settings> chats. Create a backup on your internal storage or on Google drive as you want.
  • Uninstall the official version of whatsapp as we’ll use GBwhatsapp.
  • From your device settings, navigate to Settings> Security and turn on “install apps from unknown sources”. If it’s already enabled, you can skip this step.
  • Install GBWhatsapp on your android phone. Open it up and allow all the permissions.
  • Now before entering your phone number, close GB whatsapp from running apps.
  • Open up file manager and in your internal storage, find “Whatsapp” Folder, open the folder and copy all the folders and contents showing over there.
  • Paste the copied files to “GBWhatsapp” folder on the same location where you go the Whatsapp folder on the previous step. Now you’re goo to go.
  • Enter you mobile number and verify it using OTP. Then you’ll get an option to restore your chats and media files. Choose restore.
  • Once you’re done, open GBWhatsapp and tap on the small three dots present at the top right cornet of your screen. Click on Privacy and choose “Enable Anti-Revoke” that’s all.
  • From now, no whatsapp messages will get deleted even the sender deletes it.

However, currently there’s no such feature on the official version of whatsapp that can prevent messages from getting deleted when someone deletes it for all. But soon whatsapp will implement anti-revoke on the official version whatsapp, till then you’ve to use this method.