EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review – The Ultimate Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best data recovery software on the market with ability to recover more than 1000 Types of File Types . The software is designed in such a way that it can be used by an average person without any trouble. On the other hand, it will greatly increase the efficiency of the professionals.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available on Windows as well as the macOS. It is a great way to recover any file that you might have erased accidentally or has been erased by the OS. A user can solve problems related to non-mounting, raw or corrupted partitions. An advanced user might also use it to recover data from servers and RAID storage with relative ease.

A user might notice a major shortcoming in this otherwise brilliant piece of software. It can only scan the individual partitions so you won’t be able to scan your whole hard drive at once.

Price of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The everyday users on Windows can opt for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Windows + WinPE. This version allows the user to recover data from a system that isn’t booting up properly due to issues with the boot partition. A user needs to pay $ 82.54 Includes $ 12.59 GST (18% on $ 69.95) to purchase a license for the Pro version.

The users who prefer a mac can get the Data Recovery Wizard Pro for Mac with Bootable Media. It provides the same features as the Windows version. The Mac version will cost $89.95 for the Pro version.

A user can get the Windows version with WinPE comes for $99.90 and the Mac version with Bootable media will cost $129.90.

A technician could get the Data Recovery Wizard Technician Edition for Windows/Mac at $499.99. The bundle will cost $598.00 and will work on both the platforms.

If you are looking for a phone version then the Android edition comes for $39.95 and you need to pay $79.95 for the iOS version.

In case you are not sure whether you should buy the software, there is a trial as well. It lets you recover 2 GB of data. While users can instantly recover 500MB data with the Data Recovery Wizard. More benefits can be unlocked by Sharing the software on your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ that expands the limit upto 2GB. The software also comes with a 30-day refund policy.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The pro version of EaseUS Data Recovery for Windows and Mac offers these features

  • Scan Options: Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Sort by File Type, and Scan by File Type.
  • Scan Capabilities: Full Hard-Drive Scan, Deleted/Lost File Recovery, Corrupted Partition Recovery, Deleted Partition Recovery, and Bootable USB Device, Recovery CD, & Cloning which are sold separately.
  • External Recovery: External Drive Recovery, Removable Media Recovery, SD Card Recovery, and Optical Storage Recovery.

How to use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to Recover Deleted Files

A user can use EaseUS with relative ease. Once, the application opens up you need to choose the location for the scan to run. You can choose the drive partition (internal or external), desktop and the windows libraries.

EaseUS also shows the non-mounting or deleted partitions by extracting the data from the partition table. It is extremely useful in case you are dealing with these issues.

Once you select the partition for the scan, the software will perform a quick scan followed by a deep scan. You can even browse and preview the files before the scan is completed. During the scanning phase, the files are given generic names and you can access a file up to 100 MB in size only.

After the scanning process is completed you can access any file and even sort them in any way you want. The search option lets you search for specific extensions as well.

The files deleted by you will be in “Recycle Bin” whereas the ones deleted by the system will be in “more lost files (RAW).”

In order to recover a file, all you need to do is click on the checkbox next to the filename and click on the “recover” button and provide a recovery location. The recovery location cannot be on the same drive from which you are recovering.

Performance Metrics

EaseUs takes just 2 seconds to perform a quick scan on a partition with a size of 500 GB. A deep scan takes nearly 2 hours. The results in the quick scan won’t be that great as it only checks for the recently deleted files. On the other hand, the deep scan feature of this file recovery software chooses a more thorough approach and is able to recover data deleted a while back.

Overall, the unique searching and recovery algorithm makes EaseUS a little bit faster than the competitors.


Overall, EaseUS is a great software if you are afraid that you will lose your data or have lost your data and want to recover it. In case you are not a professional, it will be a great tool for your arsenal of data recovery software.