Safari Jailbreak for 64-bit Devices Running on iOS 10-10.3.3

Safari Jailbreak

A new Safari jailbreak has been released for iOS 10 to 10.3.3. This new jailbreak has been launched after a month Meridian jailbreak went public. So, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod then follow these simple steps.

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TOTALLY-NOT.SPYWARE.LOL is a semi-automatic Safari Jailbreak for devices that have iOS 10 running on them. The app has been made for 64-bit iOS devices. Ben Sparkles released this app anonymously. He originally released the app without any notification or revealing his identity.

The app is a little bit odd as it utilizes pwn_i8.js (based on the CVE-2018-4233 vulnerability) and v0rtex exploits. The app also includes KPP bypass for A9 devices and below.

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The spyware includes bootstraps for both doubleh3lix and Meridian jailbreak tools.

If you use these tools then they will automatically load this Safari Jailbreak. In case you don’t have any of these tools you need to get one of them.

Guide to Jailbreak iOS 10-10.3.3 using Safari Jailbreak – 

  • In order to jailbreak you will need a device running iOS, iOS 10-10.3.3 firmware, Safari, and an Internet connection.
  • After you arrange the prerequisites, open the website which might look useless but don’t be fooled as it’s the real deal.
  • Go to the extreme right in the “slide for spyware”.
  • You will be prompted with a “Running exploit…” message. Let it happen.
  • Your device will restart now.
  • Congratulations! You can now use Cydia in the normal way.

Safari iOS 10-10.3.3 Jailbreak Troubleshooting  – 

There were some complaints where the users were unable to run the tweaks. Ben Sparkes, the developer of the tool released a patch quickly to address the issue.

In order to fix the error, you need to open Cydia. You need to install the Meridian Bootstrap. You can find it in the Midnight repository. Now restart the iPhone and retry the jailbreak using Safari.

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Why would you want to use a Safari Jailbreak?

If such a question pops into your head then of all, the Safari Jailbreak eliminates the need for Cydia Impactor or a computer in order to jailbreak your device. In the normal scenario, you would need these in order to install the IPA file on your iOS device.

Another benefit is that you don’t need any third-party signing apps such as the ReProvision or Ext3nder Installer.

The last benefit is that you can open Safari and load the exploit without any problem whenever the certificate of your jailbreak app expires. It basically needs an active internet connection to turn semi-untethered jailbreak into a quasi-fully untethered jailbreak.