SafeShutdown to avoid re-jailbreaking due to dead battery


The users who rely on semi-untethered jailbreak like Electra need to reconnect the device with their computers every time they reboot the device. Some people try to solve this issue by not rebooting their device at all. But, what if your phone runs out of battery?

The new tweak by iOS developer Kurrt allows the user to circumvent this procedure. SafeShutdown is the tweak which shuts down the device in such a manner that the user doesn’t need to reapply the jailbreak.

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How does SafeShutdown work?

The SafeShutdown doesn’t really turn off the device. It keeps the device in a kind of an ultimate power saver mode. The device is on but cannot be used by the owner until the battery is charged sufficiently.

What does this SafeShutdown power saver mode achieve?

The power saving states ensure that the display is turned off and all the touches and button presses are ignored, it turns on the power saver mode of the iPhone. Additionally, all sounds and vibrations are disabled and app processes are stopped to prevent any power usage along with other things.

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So, instead of turning off the device and resetting the jailbreak, the tweak keeps the phone on in a low power state. You can choose the battery level at which the tweak kicks in.

Downloading the tweak

If you are excited to try the tweak then you can download SafeShutdown from here. You need to pay $1.99 in order to activate the tweak. It has been tested on a jailbroken iPhone X running iOS 11.3.1 and it should also work on other devices as well.

SafeShutdown usage instructions

Get the SafeShutdown app on your phone and go to the preference section in the settings menu to use it. The tweak provides you with

  • Ability to turn it on/off when you want to.
  • Apply the SafeShutdown at the given instance.
  • Tweak the battery levels that will enable and disable SafeShutdown.

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These are some of the features available in the section.

So, it is an amazing way to skip the process of jailbreaking your device again. If the iPhone is about to turn off, SafeShutdown will ensure that your jailbreak isn’t lost. The tweak also allows an emergency feature to use the phone to call for aid as well.

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