SanDisk launched world's smallest 1TB flash Drive

In the CES 2018 event big tech companies gathered at the stage to wrap off the cover and unveil their new innovative products. Leading storage solution provider vendor Sandisk has also joined them and raveled a 1TB USB-C flash drive.

Flash drives always plays an important role in our day-to-day life to carry our important data. This new 1TB sandisk flash drive is specially build to give users the benefit of carrying a huge load of data with the advantage of a regular size flash drive.

It comes with a USB Type C port, it means fast data reading and writing speed over the advantage of USB 3.0 port. Its new USB Type C port allows to connect the 1TB sandisk flash drive with a wide range of newly launched smartphone easily and enables high speed data transfer.

Price of this sandisk prototype is the another thing to consider, with 1TB space the price of the world’s smallest flashdrive’s price isn’t going to be so cheap. While the company has not mentioned any price details of this 1TB sandisk flash drive, still we can expect it will come for around $300-$400 after considering the price of portable SSD, Which will be a great value for money. While the compnay hasn’t confirmed about any specific date for the availability of this 1TB flash drive.

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