World's First largest 5G Autonomous Driving Test Bed in korea

Korean telecom service provider SK Telecom and The Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KTSA) developed the world’s first 5G Autonomous Driving test bed. It’s the first time when a 5G infrastructure was build in an autonomous driving test city.

The Korea Transportation Safety Authority (KTSA) and telecom service provider SK Telecom announced that they’ve created a city – “K city “. This K city is specially designed to test autonomous driving. According to them they’ve built a 5G infrastructure in the main experimental zone of “K-City”.

World's First 5G Autonomous Driving Test Bed

Park Jin-hyo,the director of the ICT Technology center at SK Telecom said,”We will continue to expand 5G K-City infrastructure with the latest technology to ensure that K-City will be at the center of the 5G self-drive ecosystem,”.

The 5G network developed by SK Telecom and KTSA is capable to transmit 1 Gb film in 0.4 seconds with a 20Gbps 5G infrastructure. SK Telecom developed a 3D map having a precision below 20 cm. KTSA also prepared a 5G telecommunication control center that is capable of exchanging data with vehicles in just 0.001 seconds.

It’s like Upcoming days will be all about autonomous vehicles. Recently Qualcomm, Nvidia and many other brands started working for autonomous self driving vehicles. It’ll be quite interesting to see how companies implement the next-generation technology.

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