SmoothTable Tweak Enables System-wide Table Views Cells Customization on iOS

SmoothTable Tweak

If you have been using an iOS device for a while then you might have been bored with the theme. So, if you are looking to make the iOS theme even better then try the SmoothTable tweak.

SmoothTable, the work of developer assembly programmer, lets you round and pad Table Views Cells.

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Using SmoothTable

Once you get the SmoothTable tweak installed, it can be used system and assembly programmer. All you need to do is ensure that the apps use the UITableViews.

The tweak will appear in the settings menu and you can enable it from there. It has the following options available for tweaking.

  • Enable TableView Inset which lets you apply padding to the cells and centres them.
  • Enable Corner Rounding lets you round the corners of the table view cells.
  • Inset lets you choose the inset values of the cell.
  • Radius allows you to define the radius for the rounded cells.
  • Applications lets you choose the applications in which you want to enable the effects.

After you have made changes in the settings menu, restart the Springboard to apply the changes.

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Download SmoothTable

If you want to try SmoothTable on your device then you can download it from here. It is absolutely free and works great with iOS 11 and 10. The tweak hasn’t been tested on iOS 9 but will work on that as well.

So, go ahead and change the look and feel of your apps and make the UI interesting once more.

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