Steam Link – How to Stream PC Games on Your Smartphone / Android TV

stream pc games on mobile

We often play video games on our Desktop or PC. But playing games on PC for a long time could be a bit boring. Till today, we used to use screen mirroring software to play PC games on our mobile devices. Well, now you can stream PC Games on your smartphone directly.

Valve Corporation has launched a new android app called Steam Link – Beta. The app brings desktop gaming to your Android device. It lets you to stream your existing steam games from PC on your mobile phone or smartphone by connecting your Mobile with PC.

Stream PC Games on Your Mobile –

  • Download and install Steam Link (BETA) from here. The app is just about 31 MB in size and it requires android 5.0 and later versions to work.
  • Connect your PC or desktop computer / Laptop with Steam Link using a 5Ghz WiFi router or Ethernet. Both of your android phone and PC must be connected with the same 5 GHz WiFi or same Ethernet connection. And keep your phone within the range of WiFi router.

  • You have to pair a generic Bluetooth device or steam controller to start playing.

  • Also You can stream your PC steam games on Android TV.

Stream PC Games on Android TV – 

  • The steam link app works best with an Android TV. Just connect your Android TV and Computer using a Ethernet to your WiFi router. And that’s all.
  • Now pair a steam controller or Bluetooth controller with your device.

And that’s all, now start play or stream your existing PC Steam games on your mobile or Android TV. iOS version of this app is yet to get released.