Download StrongerFi for iOS & connect to the Strongest Wi-Fi Network Automatically


If you have access to multiple wifi connections and need to choose the best one then StrongerFi is for you.

The native method for iOS-based Wifi searching system is to look for the signal at an interval of 5 seconds. If you connect to a network then this scan stops. This means if a better connection is available then it will not be used.

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If you are using Cydia then StrongerFi is available to you and it takes over the task of searching for wifi in iOS 11. The tweak has been developed by well-known tweak developer tateu.

Once you use StrongerFi it will still search for the signals after you have connected to a network. If it finds a better option then it will switch over to the new network and increase the performance.

Setting up StrongerFi and its features

The StrongerFi appears in the settings menu once you install the tweak. It comes with the following options

  • Ability to turn on/off the tweak.
  • You can scan for the best networks as soon as you unlock the device.
  • Ability to view additional details such as wifi encryption, signal strength, etc.
  • The user could choose the method to select the new best connections.
  • Ability to change the intervals at which the system searches for a better signal.

There are lots of other options to help you configure the tweak as per your needs.

Here is a list of features provided by this brilliant tweak

  • It switches to the best wifi signal according to the specifications.
  • The tweak searches for the best wifi connection at an interval of two minutes.
  • If the RSSI value is below the requirements it automatically searches for a better option.
  • It doesn’t tax the battery heavily and only searches for a better signal if needed.

Download StrongerFi

If you are reliant on wifi connections then StrongerFi is one of the must-have tweaks on your jailbroken iPhone. So, if you are interested then you can get the tweak from here and it’s completely free.

So, get the tweak and get the best possible wifi connection every-time you go online.

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