Super Blue Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse – A rare lunar trilogy to paint the Sky Red on January 31

Super Blue Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse - A rare lunar trilogy to paint the Sky Red on January 31
super blue blood moon , lunar trilogy on 31st Jan 2018

For those who missed the full moon treat on 1st Jan, get ready to witness the super blue blood moon on January 31st. A rare lunar trilogy will mark the history by painting the sky red. The sky will offer up a combination of a Supermoon, a Blue Moon and a Blood Moon.

This lunar phenomenon is going to happen again after 150 years and it was last viewed in 1866. And it will not be seen again before 2028. So you might not want to lose this rare golden opportunity.

The moon rotates in an elliptical orbit around our planet earth, super moon occurs when the moon is at closest pont (perigee) point from earth. When moon comes in the shadow of earth partially, it’s known as penmbral phase and when it comes in the shadow of the earth completely it’s called umbral phase, also it’s called a lunar eclipse. And super moon is followed by this,On January 31, there’ll be a total lunar eclipse. During super moon, the moon appears around 14% larger and 30% brighter.

It’ll be the second lunar eclipse of 2018 in the same month of January, first one happens on 1st January. When two lunar eclipse is seen in a month, is called ‘blue moon’, and it’s super blue blood moon because during this total eclipse the moon will have reddish tinge to it.

total lunar eclipse on January 31 2018
Total Lunar Eclipse of 31st January view points from all over world

Hence people are planning for the rare treat of super blue blood moon. People from Australia, New Zeland, Canada and northwestern US will be lucky enough to see the the whole lunar event, while people from mojor portions of Europe, Africa and South America will not be able to even observe the lunar trilogy.

Timings for super blue blood moon in India – 

On January 31st, the moon will rise at 5:51 AM EST (4:31 IST) and set at 11:08 AM EST (9:38 IST). India will not be able to see the whole event, quite will be able to enjoy it partially. For the people from North-East India, the lunar event will take place around 4:21PM – 5:18PM (IST), they will be the India’s first viewers to experience this lunar trilogy. Rajastan and west coast parts of India will experience the event around 6:21PM – 7:37PM (IST), while the rest of india will enjoy this celestial treat between 4:21PM-5:18PM (IST).

Aren’t you super excited to view this super blue blood moon on 31st January ? let us know your thoughts below.