Task manager for Mac OS / Activity Manager for Mac OS

task manager for mac os
activity manage mac os

Users who have just moved from Windows to Mac often wonder about Task Manager equivalent for Mac and how to use it. Mac has its own task manager – the Activity Monitor. Unfamiliar users might find it difficult to use and complicated. However, It is  despite has immense power and functions.

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Features and Functions  –

  • View and Manage current tasks easily.
  • End tasks and applications.
  • Manage active processes running on MacOS X.
  • Get system stats , CPU, Memory Usage , Network , Disk Info

task manager mac

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Open the Activity Monitor on MacOS X-

#1. Go to Finder from Dock.

#2. Click on Applications>Utilities on the next screen.

#3. Find Activity Monitor in the utilities folder.

You can also Pin Activity monitor by right-clicking on it and going to Options and clicking Keep in dock.

You can access the Force Quit manager  by holding Command + Option (alt key) + escape.

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Looking at the bottom of Activity Monitor you can  get system usage information about your Mac. Just click on the tabs to see information about CPU, System Memory, Disk Activity, Disk Usage (space), and Network activity and usage.

mac task manager system info

From within Activity Monitor, simply click on the task or application you want to end and then click on the large red “Quit Process” button in the left corner of the app window. The next screen looks like below-

task manager mac - end process

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