Top 10 MIUI themes for your Android device for 2018

best miui themes

When it comes to the Android ROMs that offer the highest degree of customization, the MIUI is definitely one of the best. It not only lets you change the wallpaper but also the icons for each app and the start screen as well. This gives a good opportunity to change the theme of your phone as you desire. Here is a list of Top 10 MIUI themes to help you decide which one to choose. You can download these MIUI themes directly from the pre-installed theme store of your device by searching with the MIUI 10 themes name as listed here. 

Best MIUI 10 Themes to Customize Your Device – 

#1 Android Oreo

If you want your device running the MIUI to look like a stock Android phone such as the Google Pixel then Android Oreo is certainly the theme for you. It changes everything from the background to the icons as well as introduces the app drawers. This will give you the feeling that you are actually running the stock Android Oreo on your phone. Also it’s one of the most popular MIUI 10 theme out here in the app market.


#2 Mr.Funny MIUI theme

If you want a funky looking MIUI theme for your device or want to customize your phone for the Halloween then Mr.Funny is the perfect theme for you. It gives your phone some weird looking icons and your background will feature a skeleton listening to a piano being played by a zombie. This will surely become one of your favorite themes.


#3 reMix

If you are using a device with a notch then this theme will be perfect for you. The theme gives a black touch to the notification panel and will work great if you want to make the notch look less intrusive. The animations also have a dark tone to help your phone look neat and simplistic.


#4 Sendiri Lagi

If you love the iOS but want an Android phone then you won’t be disappointed. This theme gives your phone an appearance of the iOS 9. The lock screen is an exact replica and the only distinguishing feature will be a slight white tone in the icons. So, if you want your phone to appear as if it is running the iOS then it will be an excellent choice.


#5 Epic Default MIUI theme

It is another great MIUI theme if you love the look of the Google Pixel. The theme features the lock screen found in the devices running stock Android Marshmallow or Nougat. The icons are quite similar to the ones found on the pixel and the settings and dialer have the feeling of Android P. This will provide you a nice stock Android experience for MIUI device.

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#6 Neon 999

It is another one of those themes designed for the phone with notches. The lock screen is elegant and will make your phone look attractive. The theme also provides a lighting features to the icons which make them stand out from the background. The notification tray is similar to the stock android but has a purple color. This is another brilliant choice for your MIUI device.


#7 Trance MIUI theme

If dark themes are not your style then Trance is a brilliant option for you. It has a bluish tone which looks great and the icons are also neat and minimal. The dialer has a minimal transparency which makes it look great. If you find the color blue attractive then this theme is for you.

#8 iOS alakadarnya v8.3

This is another brilliant iOS style MIUI theme for your phone. It gives the same appearance as an iPhone running on the iOS 10. The best part is the theme also changes the icons for the web browser, play store and music player to that of Safari, App Store and iTunes. The only difference will be the dialer which looks a little bit odd.


#9 Animax Pro MIUI 10 theme

No doubt this theme scored the second spot at an MIUI theme competition. This theme provides a 3D feel to your phone and provides a solid feel to your phone. The animated icons look beautiful and you will definitely fall in love with this one.

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#10 Xperia Spring Theme

If you want a Sony Xperia style MIUI theme then try this one out. It is the actual Spring theme available on the Xperia devices. The best part is that it comes with the features of MIUI which means you are free to customize every aspect of this theme ranging from the background to the icons.


So, I hope you liked this list of our top 10 MIUI themes. Go ahead and give them a try, you will surely love them.