Top 10 Substratum Themes for Your Android Phone

substratum themes

The Substratum ROM is a perfect choice if you want to fully customize your Android device. It is an alternative to the famous MIUI ROM and allows you to change each and everything. This even includes changing the logo for Whatsapp. So, if you are interested in getting some great themes for the Substratum ROM then read on.

Best 10 Substratum Themes for Your Rooted Android Device – 

Make sure to download the latest version of substratum theme engine from Google play store before installing these themes.

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#1 Flux theme for Substratum

What makes Flux unique is the use of circular design elements for the icons. Most other themes use the linear approach and the circular approach appeals to a lot more users. This unique approach combined with the variety of color options available to choose from makes it one of the best theme for Substratum.


#2 Greyce

The Greyce is a popular dark theme for the Substratum. Unlike the other dark themes which add a bluish tone to the greyish backdrop, the Greyce offers a full Grey UI to the user. This is one of those themes that are truly dark and you should definitely try it.


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#3 Luminous

The Luminous theme is a great theme if you want the colors to pop from your screen. It is designed for Android Nougat and its successors but can also work on the Android M. It is a great choice when it comes Substratum themes.


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#4 Swift Dark

It is another brilliant dark theme for Substratum. The theme allows a high level of customization. It can even be used to change the icon of almost every popular app that you can get. It really allows you to change the appearance of your UI as per your likeness.



The GRVY, developed by the Dirty Unicorns team is one of the themes which offers the highest degree of customization. It offers both a dark look and a light one to suit your needs. You could either get a futuristic look or enjoy a retro one. It offers a lot of choices and let you give your phone a completely new look every time you want to.


#6 Outline theme

If you want a minimalistic Substratum theme then Outline is probably the best option out there. All the icons are changed into line drawings which provides a clean appearance to your UI. A perfect option for those who believe in the saying “Less is more”.


#7 Pixel-Android O Dark

If you want the stock Android theme then the Pixel theme is a great option. But what if you want it to look darker? Pixel-Android O Dark lets you do just that. One on hand you have the features of the Pixel UI and on the other hand, it isn’t all that gaudy.


#8 Dark Matter

This is a minimalistic theme inspired by sci-fi. You get a cool meteor with a tail for brightness control along with futuristic icons for Bluetooth and wifi. It is a perfect option to show your love for the science fiction. It is one of those unique Substratum themes that you should try.


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#9 Streamlined Light

There are lots of dark themes on the list so here is one on the lighter side. Streamlined Light is a cool theme which gives a cheerful appearance to your device. It has the feature to change apps like Whatsapp and Facebook alongside the system apps and icons.


#10 Android O Theme

No list of themes for a ROM is complete without a theme that provides a perfect stock android experience. The Android O Theme does just that. It will make you feel like you are using a Pixel phone while you can be holding any other device. It is the perfect theme for Stock Android lovers.


So, this is our list of top 10 Substratum themes for Android. Hope you liked it.