Top 5 Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC in 2018

Nintendo 3Ds emulator 2018

The Nintendo 3Ds console was released back in 2011. The console brought 3D gaming to the hand-held platform and was quite popular. If you missed a chance to play on the 3DS then here is a list of some 3Ds emulator that will let you enjoy the games on your PC.

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#1 Citra 3Ds Emulator

Citra 3Ds emulator is one of the most popular Nintendo 3Ds emulators for the PC. The open source emulator supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and is the most reliable emulator on the PC. The emulator might have some issues but it is regularly patched by the developers.


#2 3DMOO 3Ds emulator

3DMOO is another open source emulator for the PC. The team behind Citra began its development but aborted it after some time. The source code is available on Github from where it can be downloaded by anyone. The emulator only supports Windows and Linux and is also prone to crashes.


#3 No$GBA

If you are running one of the old classic Windows versions such as XP then No$GBA is for you. This 3Ds emulator was released as a freeware but if you want the latest updates then you need to pay for it. The price isn’t that high and it also doubles as a Game Boy Advanced emulator as well. It is available for Windows XP and Vista.


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#4 iDeaS 3Ds Emulator for PC

iDeas is one of the most Nintendo 3Ds emulators which supports OpenGL. It comes with some of the most popular 3Ds games like Super Mario 64 DS and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. The emulator is free for download at

#5 DeSmuME

The DeSmuME is the first 3Ds emulator for PC and it runs plenty of games and is absolutely free. The user Orphic of DesmuME has started a build service which can create nightly build automatically.


So, go ahead and check these five most popular Nintendo 3Ds Emulators for PC.

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