TrueCaller Script: Search Any Number Without Using App

truecaller script

So after searching for many days, we have found a TrueCaller script which will help you to get details of the numbers you want without installing the app.

This Truecaller script is very useful for finding details of the unknown number and this can be done without installing the Truecaller app. You can search for details of any number using this True Caller script.

The best part of this script is that you don’t even have to create an account for using this truecaller script just enter the number and you will get the details in no time. Basically, this script retrieves the data from the true caller mobile directory and the database of true caller mobile directory is synced with our Truecaller script.

Let us know how this could help us in real life situations, think that you are getting an anonymous call on your phone threatening you and now you want to know who’s on the call just type the number and you will get the details of the caller immediately & take action required. 

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Our Truecaller script will also help you find many details of the unknown caller like Address, Name etc. Just check out some advantages and disadvantages, in short, to get a whole idea of the truecaller script and summarise the introduction.

Advantages of this Truecaller Script:-

  • Find any numbers without using truecaller app.
  • Quickly accessible without any sign-up.
  • Provides details like Name, Age, Location, Gender with accuracy.


  • If used continuously 4-5 times API might get down and you will not be able to use it.
  • API will be up in about 5 minutes.
  • Inaccurate location details.

Steps To Use TrueCaller Script and Search any Number’s Details Without Using The Truecall app or Account:

Step 1: Just click on the link given below to start using the Truecaller Script –

Step 2: Once you open the script it’ll be something like the image is given down.

truecalller script

Step 3: Enter the number in the white box you wish to know the details. And hit the search button.

Step 4: Just wait and you will see the details of the number.

This is the best way to search for any number’s details without using the truecaller app. Since this script works online it is compatible with Android, IOS devices and also all types of PCs. 

Truecaller script helps you to get many details of an unknown number but does not track a number. This script works the same as the truecaller app or website. Truecaller script helps to save storage by allowing you to search the number details directly without installing any apps. Just go the link and you are ready to rock.

In the end, we have a script which finds the details of any number online without installing any app. You also don’t need any Gmail or Microsoft account to login or sign-up which makes this script more convenient to use. You can also use this script on the go anytime anywhere. Don’t use this script too many times continuously the API might get down and you will not be able to use this script. If the API get down, wait for 5-10 min then try again.

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If you like this script share with your friends & family and let them also take some advantage of this amazing Truecaller Script.