How to Turn EMUI into Stock Android without Rooting

Turn EMUI into Stock Android without root

EMUI is the Android skin which runs on Huawei and Honor phones. It was launched back in 2012 and gives the UI an iOS-like look. Even though it has improved a lot during the last six years but nothing looks as good as Stock Android. So, if you are looking to turn EMUI into Stock Android then here’s how to do it.

Guide to Turn EMUI into Stock Android without Root – 

#1 Getting the App Drawer on EMUI

Initially, EMUI gives an iOS-like list of icons on the Home Screen. To make it look similar to Stock Android you need to enable the App Drawer. In order to do so

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select “drawer” option in “Home Screen Style” under the “Display” tab.

Now, you would get a Home Screen similar to Stock Android, ie with an App Drawer.

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#2 Get the Pixel 3 EMUI theme

EMUI has a great theme engine and this can be very useful at times. Right now, we would use it to give your phone’s UI a look similar to that of Stock Android. Use the link to download the Stock Android theme for your device.

Once you have got the theme, follow these steps to install it.

  • First of all, copy the theme file (<name>.hwt) to the “HWtheme” folder on your phone.
  • Now open the theming app on your device and go to the offline section.
  • Select the downloaded theme here and tap on apply.

This theme would change the settings layout, quick settings panel, notifications, navigation bar and other things to make it look like Stock Android.

#3 Volume Slider Interface

The volume slider interface was given an overhaul in the Android P update. However, EMUI uses the default layout. In order to change this, you need to download Android P Volume Slider Menu.

Install the “.apk” file by opening it through a File Manager and you are ready to rock a Stock Android look on your EMUI skin. This is how you can turn Turn EMUI into Stock Android without rooting your smartphone.