Uninstall System Apps / Pre-installed Bloatwares on Android without Root – System App Remover

remove preinstalled bloatware apps from android
uninstall system apps and make your android phone run faster than before.

Every android phone comes with a lot of pre-installed stock apps. To make money, mobile manufacturers push a bunch of bloatware apps with their factory firmware such as dozens of Google or Microsoft apps, weather services, email service, Gallery, Calendar, Calculator etc. Most of these apps are useless, we don’t really need them. If needed, we can download it from google play. But actually these pre-installed system apps keep running in the background and consumes a lot of battery and RAM. And as a result, it could slow down your android phone. That’s why it’s necessary to uninstall system apps.

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As an example, Samsung and xiaomi devices come with dozens of useless inbuilt system apps or bloatwares. If you’re a rooted device user, then you can remove those pre-installed apps or bloatware easily. But in case if your device isn’t rooted, then there’s only one way out to remove or uninstall pre-installed apps from android, and that’s it to use system app remover application. Here in this tutorial i’ll show you how to remove bloatwares or pre-installed apps from any android phone without root. It will work on almost any android phone, you can easily uninstall system apps from android without even rooting your android handset.

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Requirements to Uninstall System Apps on Android – 

To uninstall system apps from android, you’ll need to have the flowing things ready –

  • Windows running PC [windows 7 or later] or MAC.
  • ADB & Fastboot Drivers.
  • PDANet drivers.
  • USB Cable.
  • And of-course an android phone.
  • System app remover – Debloater.

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How to Remove Pre-installed Apps / Bloatwares on Android without Root –

Step 1 – Install ADB Drivers 

  • First of all you’ll need to install ADB and fastboot driver on your PC. Download it from here.
  • After downloading run the application with administrative permission. Right click on the downloaded file and choose run as administrator.
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot.
  • Again Press Y/Yes to install system-wide.
  • Now Press Y/Yes to install Device Drivers.

  • It will take only 15 seconds to install it. After that the window will close automatically.

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Step 2 – install PDAnet drivers

  • Download and install PADnet drivers for your PC from here.
  • After downloading, simply run the application.
  • Connect your phone with PC using a USB cable. And select manufacturer name.
  • In case manufacturer name isn’t listed, choose others.

  • Continue the installation process. Once you’re done, lets go to the next step.

System App Remover Download – 

Download bloatware remover application “debloater” from – here.

Remove Pre-installed system Apps on Android – 

  • Download system app remover – debloater on your PC from given link. After downloading, install it your your PC.
  • Now you need to turn on USB Debugging on your Mobile.
  • Open up your android phone. Navigate to settings> about phone and tap on build number for 7 times. It will enable developer options.
  • Now in the settings, you should get a new option called developer options.
  • Go to developer options. And scroll down, search for Android USB Debugging. Turn it on.
  • Run the system app remover or debloater app on your PC.
  • On your mobile screen you’ll get a popup for allowing USB debugging. Click on Allow.
  • Open up the debloater application and run it as administrator. It will detect your device.
  • At the top left corner on the application window, you’ll see an option “click here to begin“. Click on it.

  • Again on that place, it will show “click here to begin“. Again click on it.

  • System app remover or debloater application will detect all system files from your android device within few moments. Then on your PC screen, you could see all the pre-installed apps.

  • Select the bloatware or system app that you would like to uninstall / remove.

  • Click on apply. That’s all. Debloater will remove the following pre-installed app from your android device.

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By the following method, you can uninstall system apps on android. And the benefit is that no root access is needed. Keep it in mind, once the app has been removed there’s no way to restore. Think twice before uninstalling any bloatwares from your android phone. Have any issues regarding how to remove bloatware or pre-installed apps from android without root ? let me in the comments below.