How to Use Google Lens in Google Images on iOS

Google Lens in Google Images on ios

You could already find Google Lens available for the Google Photos and the Assistant. This technology is used to recognize any(read as most) object and comes with the Google Images on a mobile. It lets you identify, say, a particular type of chair you found and provides you more information about it and where to buy it, if possible.

The feature is fully functional in the US and it coming to the rest of the world pretty soon. So, if are reading it on an iPhone then don’t need to be disappointed as it is available for you as well.

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Using Google Lens in Google Images on iOS

If you want to use Google Lens in Google Images on your iOS device then follow these simple steps.

  • Use Google Chrome or Safari to perform a search on your device.
  • On getting the search results, go to the images section.
  • Now, click on an image. You will see a page opens and there is an icon representing the Google Lens.
  • Click on the icon to activate the feature.
  • The user needs to tap over the dot present on the image. Alternatively, you could draw around the object.
  • Now, Google lens would show you the information related to the object in the bottom section of the search page.

Right now, the technology is in its early stage. Google has confirmed that soon the dots will appear on more images and would let you identify landmarks, animals, and plants. In case you don’t see a dot on the image, you could draw around the object of your interest to use Google Lens to find more about the object.